iPad/iPad mini screen reformatting.

As you can see, the load screen does not fit the screen properly, and also the little white dot gets stuck in the corner. Just want to get this out there.

Hi there, the loading screen background is purposely set in the 16:9 ratio. Also, the white dot “pointer” can be turned off in settings. Once you have selected Solo or Live in the home screen, open settings (the gear icon in the top left), go to General, scroll down and uncheck the “Show Touches” box.

Also, this topic should be placed under the #support category. If you wouldn’t mind changing it. Please follow the format of this post:

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what device are you using? I use an iPad mini 2 and an iPad air 1. both are pretty much the same and both run on very high graphics and also fit in the screen perfectly.

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@Tyler_Shelton. @MishaCamp.

and try what captain ed has said

I think this is less of support, but more of a request to change the overall Infinite Flight setting. It’s not really an issue. Although I don’t really see this being in features.

Ipad Mini 4 is what I use, IOS 11

The 16:9 ratio of the loading screen background probably won’t be changed as it leaves space for the “Loading _%” text.

This is definitely not support, but it fit into features more.

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No it would not, you are asking for support in relation to the “white dot.” The loading screen ratio will not be changed until further notice.

I was kind of replying to @Aviation321, should’ve just hit the reply to button. 🤦‍♂️

Here on my Iphone, there is no room for the loading text. Its on the picture. It should be the same way with iPad.

The image is purposely resized to fit each device screen. That being said, the iPhone must have a 16:9 or similar screen. As far as I know the iPad uses a 4:3 screen, so I do not agree with you there.

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he/she is trying to ask why there screen won’t fit. a request is for something to be added.

Not asking why, but for. Learn the difference.

The splash screen won’t fit simply because every smart device’s screen has a different ratio. End of story.

that would’ve been better if it was pointed out but ok.

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Maybe maybe not. There’s a reason why its on here. To get an answer from someone who actually knows. I hear you though. You could be right.

I actually know, I saw the topic run by Mark, an FDS staff member, which was requesting for a new splash screen. It clearly specified 16:9 ratio screenshots only.