iPad Heating up during flight.

First of all, this isn’t in support because I am not reporting this, just asking how to fix it.

So I was flying a flight which was about 5 hours, and I went outside maybe 30 minutes into the flight. I came back about ten minutes before I am writing this. I checked my flight and my iPad was warm. The flight was fine, and I closed the app because I didn’t want my iPad to get damaged by this overheating. I got my XP, but that’s not what I’m saying. I would like to know any way to prevent overheating when on medium to long hauls.

Define warm? The device heats up, that’s how computers work, it’ll be fine, modern devices wolnt get hurt from this, they’ll do something called thermal throttleing, or shut down long before they damage themselves.

Well, it was on the lines between warm and hot, it was plugged in, if that could affect it. Even when I occasionally leave my iPad in a warm car on a sunny day, it doesn’t even get this hot

It probably did, but that isn’t really a concern the way I understand it. As I said whenever the electronic bits do there thing heat is a byproduct, so the device will heat up, and as I said it will shut it’s self down, or thermal throttle long before any damage. So don’t worry. Really the worst case is that it thermal throttles and you see a performance decline.

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Okay. A mod can close this now.

iPads get very hot as do every other Apple product. It’s perfectly normal and it can be as hot to the point where you can’t hold it for too long. Again perfectly normal, don’t worry :) If it overheats it will automatically shut down and it will notify you of this.


Yep, it’ll give you one of these:


And shut down, I’ve played If for hours at a time, like 45 hours, and I’ve never gotten one of these for that, only once when I left it out in the sun…

Haha same with me on my iPhone. So random 😂

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Ironically it was during the eclipse we had this Sumner, so it only had 70% of the sun 😂

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What I basically do is:

  • Clear storage on my iPad.
  • Close all secondary apps, leaving just Infinite Flight running.
  • Turn Down The brightness fully.
  • Keep away from the sun or any heaters…
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If it’s an older device, try turning OFF Anti-Aliasing and ticking the “limit frame rate” in settings. These will reduce the quality of the graphics a little bit but might make your device and make it a bit cooler. Give it a try, it might work. If you’ve already done this, you could try hooking up a small hand fan next to it :-)

Sorry, I meant turn OFF not on. Edited the comment :-)

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All good, just making sure!

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I’ve found “Enable Automatic Low Power” (scroll down in General Settings) works well

A mod can close this now

Check your graphic settings. You may have to downgrde them, and is your anti aliasing on? Those thinks can affect your devices temperature.