Ipad getting so hot and excessive battery loss

this might be a dumb question but why does my ipad battery go down so quick and get extremely hot when i play infinite flight? i’ve been tracking it and when im spawning and then i taxi to the runway which takes like 5 minutes my battery is on 100% before but then suddenly its at 91% i dont know if this is normal but can someone please tell me why?

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How old is your iPad? How bright is your screen and what are your graphics settings?


  • Turn down the brightness
  • When at cruise, look towards the seat
  • Turn off sound
  • Set time to night while cruising
  • Store in a cool place with good circulation (not a fridge)
  • Turn down graphic settings

2 years old, brightness is normally low and all my graphics are the lowest setting possible except airplane count which is low

i do some of these already but it still gets extremely hot

Restart your iPad before each flight if you don’t, and close all background apps. Helps so much.

I do and I specifically use my ipad for infinite flight which means no background apps are open

how about your battery health? i’m using iphone 11 with 86% battery health and it last for about 3 hours flying , from 100% to 30/20% with graphics settings high and medium normal brightness and no vol

same with mine

People say it might be your device it isn’t. It’s infinite flight. I cancelled my subscription until Infinite Flight fixes this. Other apps I can play full brightness, 60 fps and maximum graphics and it doesn’t get hot only just a little bit warm but that’s normal but infinite flight isn’t normal it literally heats up and drains the battery

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Since you’re constantly doing this in topics - how about some honesty on how things actually work for you considering you’ve had an active subscription for the past month, still do have an active subscription and all of your past flights have been successful. Last flight you had that didn’t have a proper “end” was April 9th.

We’re more than happy to receive any complaints if they’re legit. But given what you post constantly in comparison to what can be seen quite obvious on your account - at least be honest.



Could you grab a screenshot from your graphics settings in the app?
There are a few things that can cause heating and it’s normal to a certain degree, but it shouldn’t be as bad as you describe it so all the information you can provide would be helpful :)

It could also be that it is summer and therefore the iPad gets a little bit hotter than usual

this is on my phone but its pretty much the same on my ipad

Okay, that should definitely not cause any considerable heat at all.

Make sure your iPad is on 30fps as well, since 60fps is known for putting quite a strain on any device. It’s not only the frame rate that increases. All the calculations and computations the app does double as well.

Worst case - I would actually recommend a reinstall of the app on your iPad if nothing helps.
What you’re experiencing based on the information you’ve provided isn’t what I would consider normal.


will do thank you

Damn, I’ve had exactly the same issue with my pc. You know, occasionally some apps just don’t run as well as others. Some run really well, some lag like hell. But it’s obviously not my pc, it’s the developers fault for not optimising their app for MY specific hardware, even if it’s at the expense of others.

Infinite flight is a demanding app, and always will be as more is added to it. There are a lot of other apps on both android and iOS that are demanding. Just because you haven’t used them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If the app isn’t running well, perhaps consider lowering your settings down. A flight simulator isn’t expected to run at 60fps, and most of them are designed to run at 30.

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If by other apps, you mean RFS or xplane. Please take a look at the quality difference between IF and those. We have better quality, hence it uses more power from your device meaning battery will drain more. Same with real life, higher quality will drain your money faster because it’s more expensive. Well then hope that helps you understand a little bit. I’ve seen crazy PC builds that don’t run MFS or XPLANE desktop at full 60fps .

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Yes you are correct I have an active subscription but actually you’re sort of not correct since I cancelled it a week ago 🤔. Yes, all my flight have been successful and there’s ones that I have ended the flight mid way the flight, why? Because of infinite flight heating up my device and draining my battery. I have cancelled my subscription a couple times because of infinite flight having issues and I would after subscribe again to see a new update or if anything has changed with bugs and all of that.

Edit : also I do like infinite flight it’s great but the reason why I’m complaining is because there are problems, I’m pretty sure as a staff member of infinite flight you would want to know problems in infinite flight since it could help you guys improve the game?

I’ll PM you privately to avoid clogging up the topic.