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Anyone else experiencing an issue on iPad with the game crashing? I have tried to do 2 flights today and it has crashed on both. Let me know if this is true for anyone else. Also if you found a fix.

Happy Flying!


And yes, my graphics aren’t too high.

Try and reset your device before a flight and see if that helps


There could be several reasons for this.
I would recommend starting here:

A lot of the issues we’ve seen lately is due to some setting may be too high in combination with a few device parameters.
Try restarting your device before each flight that you expect to be longer than a few hours as well as lowering 3D object density as well as Airplane count (Can be found under Settings → Online)

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I have tried all things above, I read that article however it still happens.

Does your device crash on other games?

Then I’d like to know what kind of device you’re having as well as what settings you’re using the app with :)


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I’ve been seeing alot of people with crashing/app failure issues lately! I’m not sure what the problem is, but I have yet to experience a failure. I did almost 6 flights the other day, back-to-back. All of them successful.

I’m not sure if this helps anyone, but I have my graphics all set to “medium”, Anti-Aliasing off, and my Frame Rate Limit is set to 60fps. I also have no other apps open in the background while I’m flying. The device I use is an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Just out of curiosity, what iPad model do you have?

Edit: I also don’t let my phone drop below 30% while flying. I try to keep it plugged in and charged.

edit two: Some people were asking me, so I’ll put it here. My Aircraft Count is “Very High”

I’ll look into setting these! I don’t know my model, i’ll look.

yea, happy to help! Again, this are just the settings I have. I also found that these work for me after a bit of trial and error. When it comes to technology, I do have the opinion that there are multiple ways to the desired end result.

Maybe something different will work for you!

I will for sure look and let you know how it goes! Thanks for your response!

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hey schyllberg, I just got the iphone 13, what parameters should I forget? I had the iphone 8 and you told me to follow some parameters like restarting the phone prior to doing a long haul flight or going to a busy airport, including or excluding this one, which parameters could I forget with my new phone? do you suggest to still follow them?

Please do! I would be intrigued to know your results!

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