iPad freezing due to connection issues.

Good morning/afternoon/evening lads,

I have been using Infinite Flight since global on overnight flights which would continue smoothly even if the internet connection is slow/lacking.

Ever since the TBM update(great job btw devs), I have noticed that whenever there is an internet connection fault or you are trying to switch between networks, the app freezes (sometimes crashing). Earlier on, I was doing a flight from Stockholm to Fort Lauderdale when I ran into connection issues. I know the procedure to prevent the app from freezing but at the end, 8 hours after taking off from ESSA, I wind up over Iceland.

I would like to know the solution in order to enable my flights to continue smoothly when connection times out.

iPad 6th gen
App version 18.6.1
iOS 12.1.1

My device has excess of 15GB free memory. Thank you all for helping me.

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