iPad Frame Rate issue

I’ve previously raised this issue and now would like to raise it again with a real compatibility issue. Recently I’ve noticed FPS drops, significantly on all high and anti-aliasing settings on but this should not happen on an iPad Pro 2017 12.9 inch. I’m getting around 15fps when on the ground with no planes around and with a stable internet connection. I’ve tried restarting the iPad already and that has not fixed the problem.

I’d like to refer this to the developers for an indepth investigation into why a top-end tablet cannot handle high graphics on IF

Do you have limit frame rate on?

Playing with no background apps open, as well as restarting your iPad before a flight would help clear RAM and increase your frames. Also make sure you have memory free. 1 gigabyte should be enough.

Even though it is a very high end device, it still has its limits. If my suggestions didn’t help, thenI would recommend bumping down your settings a bit.

Have you deleted Infinite Flight and redownloaded it?

Done all of the above. and no I do not have limit FPS on.

Back up your photos and important data and completely reset your iPad. This should help.

Risky. It isn’t a systematic issue. Benchmarks perfectly stable and at its standard. It’s IF’s compatibility.

I have the previous generation iPad Pro and it’s never dropped below 30 fps on high.
Has this happened recently or has it been like this since you first downloaded IF?

Do it. It was the same issue for my device. Everything ran perfectly except IF. A device-reset helped others and that should help you. If this was an issue which happens to a lot of people the devs would have noticed and fixed it If you back-up all your data it shouldn’t matter.