iPad does not charge during flights

I noticed after this recent update that my battery percentage remains the same when connected to a power source during flights. This is unlike previously when the iPad charges to 100% during flights. The device is iPad Air 2 running the latest iOS.

First of all, this is not an Infinite Flight issue. It’s your device’s issue.

Second, the iPad Air 2 is an old device. Could be the battery, too.

This is a very powerful simulator, and will continue to become even more so the further this sim advances. Old devices like yours will become obsolete to the power of the sim.


I mean, lower your settings. Lower your screen brightness, and turn down sound. It should charge while doing a flight…

I lower it as I have done in the past but it’s still the same result

Hey there!

This isn’t an issue, because as long as it doesn’t drop in charge it’s fine (so as to make sure it doesn’t turn off in the middle of a flight!)

Also, an iPad Air 2 is quite old if you don’t mind me saying, and the battery is probably not at its peak. Remember that Infinite Flight is extremely graphics intensive, so uses an incredible amount of battery.

You could try using a more powerful charger, I know Apple devices are capable of doing this, but make sure you check first, so you don’t blow it up or something!

Any other questions don’t hesitate to ask :)

I mean, I use an iPad Air 2 for Infinite Flight. I have noticed the charging getting slower. Found that the best way to optimise it to have about 10GB free. Sounds like a lot, but I get 60fps at Heathrow. Another thing that seems to be a power hog is the working instruments. Switching to the hud view or the pilot view without cockpit helps a lot, I do this when I’m not looking at my device on say- a long haul, maybe 14 hours.

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