iPad Discourse Bug - Top row dissapears when not at the top of the page

Hello everyone!

So I have had this problem for ages and its been really annoying. I don’t know if anyone can do anything about this but I wanted to let you guys know.


1- Normal screen, as its supposed to be

As you can see my PFP, the 3 bars etc are available on the top row.

2- When I’m not at the top of the page

As you can see, the top row has disappeared and my PFP along with the options aren’t available. I can’t get out of topics, see my notifications without scrolling to the very top of the page. There is gap between the orange line and the outline of the site.

Just wanted to make everyone aware of this issue. Thank you.


This issue doesn’t occur on my phone or PC, though.

This is unusual maybe in installing and re installing may help

It’s all good ome. Did you try to reset?

I will try reinstalling the app

I mean refresh

Ok, try that

This isn’t occurring on my iPad. Have you tried restarting your browser?

I just closed the app and got back in and now its fine.

This does happen to me quite frequently tho

I use the DiscourseHub App.

Doesn’t the app direct you to your browser? Or have they changed that?

Nope. I’m in the app right now.

Here @Sashaz55:

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Interesting! It might be an issue with the app then. I’ve never had this issue in a browser.

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👀 😯

All those unread messages (mails) would drive me bonkers and send me into a portal until they were all cleared.


What is your specific device type? The devs would need that to figure out what your screen resolution is.


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I’m pretty good with Discourse as I have a forum of my own so let me pitch in on this.

Basically, that orange bar below the Infinite Flight logo header is not part of Discourse itself, that’s some thing that Infinite Flight added in using the themes CSS feature. For that reason, Discourse is not really meant to handle both the top header and an extra orange bar under it, so it gets “confused.”

Basically, all you have to know is that the orange bar is not built in with Discourse, therefore Discourse is not meant to handle it. In short, there’s no way to fix it unless Infinite Flight removes that orange bar from their header all together.

Hope this helps!

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This happens on my iPad Air 4 and iPad Mini 4.