iPad Crashing

I have recently been trying to play IF as an ATC however mid way through my session, it will just crash and close down. Does anyone know why?

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Does these crashes happen often?

Quite often

Crashes in version 19.2 is a common issue. The Developers are currently working for a permanent fix.

But to clarify, make sure you have enough storage for all aircrafts to load. More than 1Gb is advised. Have this in mind that crashes also appear in busy airspace’s with multiple aircrafts inside the airspace. But this doesn’t happen too often.


If you are looking to find a quick solution for now, there are a few tips.

  1. Close all background tasks (apps)
  2. Put your iPad in a well ventilated area (release heat)
  3. Perform restarts prior to starting section (clears ram and other system operations)

Hope these helped!

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