iPad Crashing Problem

I have been having really bad problems with my device crashing recently. It is not that old of an iPad, but almost every time I’m taxing to the runway, taking off, or landing, Infinite flight crashes. My graphic settings are all pretty low too. Does anybody have a solution to this problem?


Which iPad is it…?

Hey there, while it’s unfortunate that you’re not able to perform any flights due to these crashes, could you please provide some specifics about your devices such as the specific model as well as the operating system that it’s currently running? It should help determine any other trending issues that other users might be encountering.

It is a 2019 IPadOS 15.3.1

Yea this device is pretty new yet in my opinion. For the time being I just hope that clearing scenery cache does the trick. Sometimes when it’s about to crash the sound has a few crackling noises and then few secs or mins later it just snaps and quits!

Yep, that’s exactly what happens to me

Yeah I hear those and it crashes. For me, lowering volume helps me.

Just happened to me recently approaching LSGG.
Did lowering everything, it’s really annoying.
I’ve got a iPad mini 5 from 2020.

After a flight about longer than two hours, it seems to crash once I unplug it for a few minutes. I would keep it plugged, but it seems like an inconvenience. Happened twice two days ago.

iOS 15.4.1 iPad Air 3rd Generation

Clear your cache. Delete your reply’s. Reboot after every flight.

A simple trick : just clear the scenery cache and maybe it will resolve majority if the issue !!

However, if the problem still persists you can clear the RAM of your iPad by rebooting the device after clearing all the recently used apps from multitasking pane. Additionally, you can also offload the the Infinite Flight app from settings > general > iPad storage > Infinite Flight > Offload App
(This will only uninstall the app, but the documents and data will still be there) It is great way to resolve some minor & major issues…and at last always make sure you are running on latest software version of both iPad OS & Infinite Flight !!

Hope this helps :)

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I think there’s a general issue/bug with iOs, previously, I believe, the issue was resolved. However it has resurfaced again. I have over the past two weeks experienced the same issue. Literally with almost every airport with ATC that I flew into, my app would crash just before landing.

I have resorted to skipping days of flying because I thought perhaps my iPad has an issue. I have done almost every action mentioned above, but this does not really solve the problem. So I think there’s a little elusive bug somewhere that causes the crashes. I mainly fly long Hauls and it is really disheartening when you have already been cleared to land, and then “poof” you are gone for good.

Hope the issue will be resolved

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I currently use a 2020 iPad Air. I attempted Boston-Philippines. Everything was good until I got my final clearance from ATC. Im within 8 nm of the airport, my good ole iPad crashes. Super frustrating when you make it that far and all of a sudden, you’re gone.

Just had this Problem approaching OTHH in my 747-8 on 5 mile final after an 16 hour lag free flight

just cleared this before my flight. it doesnt help

That is correct. iOS/iPad OS 15.4.1, and to an extent 15.3.1, are having issues with apps crashing.

As far as I know, and using some inference, Infinite Flight is crashing due to the buggy software (of iOS/iPad OS) and Infinite Flight’s demanding tasks (loading airports, aircraft, etc.). It’s more of an unfortunate mix than anything, in my opinion.

Fortunately, Infinite Flight is always working on improving performance, and Apple is constantly iterating on its software. So, hopefully, we’ll see this issue rectified soon.


This happened to me again 3 days ago on a long haul route from LAX-WSSS. Not sure what the issue is but hopefully it gets resolved soon. Happy flying

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