iPad crashing midflight

I have a recurring problem with my iPad crashing midway into flights/controlling sessions. This happens repetitively and consistently with almost every flight/control session. 2-3 hours into the flight, my iPad would momentarily freeze, then the app would crash.

I have tried doing soft restarts, allocating more storage, clearing cached scenery every hour, lowest graphics, lowest airplane count, but this still happens every flight.

I have an iPad mini 2 running iOS 12.4.2. I have 6.2GB of storage still available.

Any advice is appreciated!

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Have you tried reading this?

Hi there!

This is a known issue that IF cannot fix or control as its a third-party caused issue. Just hang tight for now, a fix will hopefully be available soon.

More info here:

More info here:

Here are some tips to decrease the chances of crashing again:

  • Texture Resolution: Low
  • Anti Aliasing: Off
  • Live Aircraft Count: Low to None, None especially on Final.
  • Rendering resolution: Low

cheers mate!

Thanks @Manav_Suri and @AlphaSeven for the link. Yes I’ve gone over that link a few times already, and the crashing continues, so I decided to ask the community for input. If this is a known issue that IF is aware about, then this is really all I need to hear. Thanks to you both!

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Does this happen with android? If not, I might consider swapping back to my phone for flying.

Are you using any 3rd party apps? If so, try a flight without it and see.

Additionally, clearing the cache often might actually be hurting you in your case. Part of the issue is that iOS is more sensitive to spikes in resource utilization thus killing the app. Flying for two hours and then clearing cache for no reason could cause an increase in resources due to the additional downloading.

The goal is to fly without all the extra stuff running in the background that can cause resources to be used. Twitter, Facebook, tons of notifications, potentially 3rd party apps, etc.

Thanks for your input,
Yes I’ve tried flying with no third-party apps and flying without clearing cache. There has been no change to the app-crashing, although your point does sound valid. I’ll keep that in mind for future sessions.

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