iPad Crashing at the worst times

Mines crashing before I even pushback


Oh, I just found it frustrating because it was an overnight and I was looking forward to it only to crash above the runway. Ugh


Try turning down your graphics and restarting your device before you start a flight. Also closing out apps running in the background helps.

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I do that, it’s probably because the servers are so loaded now

What device are you on?

I thought this problem was suppose to be fixed with this update? Whats going on

Other crashes. Hotfix is being prepared.


Mines is crashing too.

Also mine crasch

My device “an old Ipad mini 2” Used to crash on decent and on finals, but now I can barely even flightplan without a game crash!

Just asking, will the Hotfix be out soon as in the next few hours or days or in a few months?

Here are some main things I discovered that might help your device battery, quality, and crashing issues

So, to maintain battery, you should use the charger that was provided when purchasing your device. Because those chargers are made for your device that you use.

Do not unplug your device during flight

When not touching the screen and leaving it alone, you device will start to recharge

Sitting in a dark room with the brightness all the way down allows for great battery saving

Turning on Night Mode with apple helps bring out the details and enhances the quality without draining your battery

this is what i noticed, hope it helps, I have not had the app crash while doing these things. It mainly helps with battery but the crashing issues went away


I’ve done all of those and I’m almost positive it’s something with 20.1.

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it’s to do with the amount of people in a certain place from what i’ve noticed, quick TIP stay away from ATC and you should be good

Did all of that on an 8 hour flight from Antananarivo to Paris and it still crashed barely three minutes into Paris Center’s control space. Appreciate the tips but I feel inclined to believe that it’s something else. Thanks for the advice though.

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Yes mine flight just crash for the second time Today!

And just to be sure, you read through this?

How long do you think the hotfix will take and when will it be released???

Theres no estimation. It will be released if they have finished it for sure 😉.