iPad crashed

Hello there,

I have an iPad Air 2 running iOS 11.3 beta 5 and I had a crash while IF was on the screen. If a developer requests my logs then I’ll be happy to share them with you.

IF is running on the LATEST version that’s currently available to date.


Does this happen often?

Try restarting/hard reset before each flight to each your memory.

I don’t think ios beta guarantees smooth or working gameplay!

I did hard reset my iPad before the flight and unfortunately yes. It did happen before and this should be the third time.

You are running a beta, it might not work properly with if!

I know that but it did happen before beta aswell…

Best solution is to lower your graphics, avoid areas with high traffic.

I was cruising so there were no planes around

How much storage do you have available?

32 out of 64 gigabytes left

That’s just me speculating, but I think it might be because you’re using an iOS beta version. Infinite Flight maybe isn’t fully compatible with that version.

I don’t know it’s a problem with my iPad and I really don’t want to restore my iPad to factory settings because everything on my Apple ID is here. I have to have this device’s password while entering my Apple ID.

I experienced few times as well.
Was doing long flight, then when I woke up the game is already crashed. (Not the plane, the app) happened 2 times already since the last update.

I am using iPad2017 32GB iOS11.2.6

Please refer to the first bullet point in the pinned FAQ: