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Hey Guys, hope you’re all good. I decided to start this topic because I need your help. I have a 3yo 6th generation IPad on which I play Infinite Flight. The game crashes when I try to do long haul flights, especially as soon as it arrives to six hours of flying. I always fly with everything settled to low. This only appena when I use B777, A330, A350 etc. Do you have any pieces of advice?
Thank you for the help.

Hello Captain Dario,

Could we know your graphics settings and iOS version?

FYI: This topic would belong in the support category.

Ok, so the 6th generation iPad isn’t really made for the graphics needed to run things like 3D airports and high texture level planes in high quality. If you want to avoid crashes then I recommend trying medium graphics for everything and 30fps.


This seems to be occurring recently with some other users (including myself) as well with Apple devices in specific. I have notified some staff regarding this development earlier today so they will keep it on there radar. Feel free to check out my other reply with more details:

Hope this helps, and if it doesn’t I would wait for technical support to stop by this topic. :)

In order: Low; Medium; Medium; Low
ipad version: 15.5

Just did that…

Does it still not work?

Unfortunately yes

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You have the latest version right

Yes, both latest version for the simulator and for the opad

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How about the storage of your iPad

20 GB used out of 32

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