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Hi, I really want to get an iPad so I can run infinite flight smoother. I found a nice iPad Pro 11 inch (1st generation) I looked on the compatibility spread and it wasn’t on there and I just wanted to know if this device could run IF smoothly on max settings without any bugs or errors. Thanks!!


Considering it’s a fairly new device (2018), I think it should run fine.

@Drummer has a 1.5 year old iPad Pro and can fly overnight flights with me, and issues have been limited.

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I have the exact same model and it runs just fine for me :)


She’s right here 😝


Cool thanks man!!

I have that iPad and it runs IF amazingly. You will be all good.

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Thanks man!!!

I have a half year old IPad 7th generation, and it runs very smoothly on max graphics! Doesn’t overheat on overnighters.

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I am an Apple fanatic. I can assure you that this will run smooth 60fps on high graphics without a doubt

Happy Flying!


I have an iPad Air 4. It can run at max settings at the busiest airport without any lag at all. Never overheats on overnight flights. I really, really recommend it.

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It runs very well. I use it on all max graphics and it’s super smooth

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I am an apple fanatic too!


Do you mean the iPad Pro 1. Gen (9,7 or 12,9 inch) or the first generation of the iPad Pro with 11 inches? This would be the iPad Pro 3. Gen (11 or 12,9 inch). There’s a big difference in performance.

I assume you mean the iPad Pro 1. Gen as it’s older and not listed on the thread. It came out in 2015 which must be considered! The chip is the A9X which is comparable with the iPhone 7 power.

To answer your question, if it’s the iPad Pro 1. Gen, it will not run IF smooth on max settings and most likely not in future.


Well, anything that runs on the A10 chip or later should be fine for the next few years.

I can’t agree with that. Project metal will take a little bit more performance, pretty sure. Also he asked for the highest settings which can’t be applied on the A10 without lag.

Obviously the A10 or even the A11 devices won’t work flawlessly, hence why it’s best to buy the latest device of possible.

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