IPad battery getting weaker after 21.1

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Hello IFC,
I was doing an overnight 9-10 hour flight from Singapore to Auckland. Usually my iPad is able to handle 9-10 hour flights(before 21.1 and open beta) but for some reason this time, the battery died.

I did the usual setup which was all graphic settings at low, lowest brightness and set my volume to 0.

The iPad I use is the iPad (7th generation).

This issue started a few days ago after 21.1 came out. At the time, I was flying back to Singapore from Auckland and the battery fell below 10% which is weird because it would usually stay above 10%. I tried the flight again and had the same results. 2 days later, I flew to Johannesburg, which is similar in distance to Auckland and my iPad went below 10% as well.

Other things I did to conserve battery includes:
-Making sure no apps are running in the background.
-Having Anti-Aliasing off
-Low 3D Object Density
-Airplane Count at medium
-Setting the interface timeout to 2 seconds(I saw this from another post)
-Having low power on

Before making this topic, I went to find for ways to conserve battery life as well. And no, I do not charge while flying unless my battery goes below 10% while I am still far from my destination. Also, I got this iPad in October last year.

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I’m having that issue too, my battery goes down FAST


When you leave your IPad just plug it in, that’s what I do and it works


Great conversation topic here @Aviator_SG

I actually was just peering through some articles recently and stumbled across some myth debunking and do’s / dont’s. This article is worth the read since for many years there’s all kinds of myths and urban legends. Our device’s charging sensors/systems and the lithium-ion batteries are a drastic improvement over the old nickel-cadmium batteries that used to power our kitchen clocks 🕰 we might have seen at grams house.

I just have mine plugged in whilst flying, like right now. Does make a bit more heat, but at least the battery won’t die mid flight

Also plugging it into the PC or Mac gives the device less power, which makes less heat, but gives it enough to charge. At least it works for me like that

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I do that too…

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I thought Apple said that iPads and iPhones don’t catch fire from overcharge

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What device do you use

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iPad Air I use: image

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I have not experienced any of my devices catching fire, been flirting with Infinite Flight since 2015 on various devices and I always have my device on the charger during overnight flights. During critical phases of flight, I tend to disconnect the charging cable so that I can hand fly and not feel tethered.

My settings iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPad Pro 11” and iPad Pro 12.9” (2021):

• Infinite Flight Low Power Mode always enabled
• Frame Rate set to 30fps
• Rendering/Graphics Quality High
• Aircraft Count Medium during cruise, typically raise it when arriving/departing airports
• Screen Brightness and Audio dimmed all the way down during cruise

• Occasionally, I’ll let the battery drain down to 65 to 80% without charging it then I’ll plug it in.
• Sometimes it’s nice to take your phone or pad case off to let the device dissipate heat better, especially when at busy airports.
• Frame Rate, unless you have the latest and greatest high powered Android and Apple devices, 30fps is going to provide the best visual and performance experience for most users.

In summary, 99.9% of the time, the battery will remain at 100% while on a charger. As far as battery health; I look at the battery like a wear and tear item on a vehicle such as tires, brakes, and shocks. The battery has a shelf life whether it is being used or not so over time it will need replacing.

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Yeah I agree

I keep mine pugged in on all flights,most of the time the battery is at 100%.Dont want to loose a flight because of low battery or the device dies

I kinda have to keep mine plugged in for most of my flights that are more than an hour or so, simply because my 5 year old battery doesn’t hold the charge it once did

That’s what I use, if your using the tiny USB port verses the big one, then that’s your problem. But if your using the right one the idk what the problem is

I experienced this a while back. The fix for me was simple, turn on Infinite flight’s low power mode and turn all graphics to medium (including texture). Ever since then my iPads been charging as normal. Also make sure your using an Apple OEM charger. I’ve found that using different charges from Amazon, eBay, or other third party chargers don’t work like the original.

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Yes but this also weathers your battery down.

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