iPad and iOS 13.1.3 Update: LAGS

Hey guys - it seems to be a persistent issue but I just don´t want it to be forgotten: Since updating to 13.1.3 on the newest 2019 iPad PRO, I am experiencing lags when flying; especially noticeable on the ground when taxiing and take off (looking left or right).

There has not been any solution and its very very frustrating… has anyone else experienced this problem?

It seems to be an issue with the update and not with IF; however I hope it can be fixed very soon…!


it’s a known issue and i believe it’s on apple’s side 🙂 as of right now not 100% sure if there’s a solution, you can turn of limit frame rates when on the ground, see if that works, other then that, i think everyone who’s having issues just has to wait till the performance issue gets fixed


Yes, I agree with @Alphadog4646. You could turn down the graphics settings and lower the frame rate. Also turn off anti-aliasing. It is an absolute killer for devices that are potentially struggling.

Let’s hope Apple release an update soon!


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Everything the users mentioned up top are going to further decrease your performance, instead of help it. Turning on limit frame rates is going to limit your frame rates even further, and turning down graphics & anti-aliasing is not going to do anything better for your frame rate, but obviously reduce the graphics quality.

Now I have not been able to be around my iPad Pro since apple pushed out the update for iPadOS 13.2 earlier today (Monday, October 29th), but that is supposed to be a major fix. If you are on 13.1.3, do you mind updating to 13.2 and letting us know if that has fixed the lag issue? I myself won’t be able to know until I get back in town later this week.

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I would disagree. The higher the frame rate, the more the device has to work. If the device has every other setting on high, the device is going to start to struggle, which will decrease the frame rate and thus start lagging.

If we decrease the initial frame rate and turn down the graphics settings, the device has to work less hard, so does not need to decrease its frame rate therefore it won’t lag.


He’s mentioned that he uses a 2018 iPad Pro (there is no 2019 model), so that device has more than enough power to run Infinite Flight on max settings. I also have the same iPad model.

That may be true to older devices, but the 2018 iPad Pros has the A12X Bionic processor that runs at 2.48ghz. The iPad Pro is on par the performance of the 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro with a 2.6GHz six-core Core i7 processor. Here is the link to the Geekbench scores.

I know what your saying about decreasing graphics, but that applies to devices who are hitting a hardware blockade. This is a software issue that has nothing to do with 2018 iPad Pro hardware.

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Yes, but if it wasn’t software then that is what he could do. Unfortunately, I don’t study Apple devices.


Thats true, but it is a software issue if we are talking about the 2018 3rd Generation iPad Pros. The frame rate came after the iOS 13 update. I can’t comment for any other devices.

If @Balz_Bachmann updates to 13.2, let us know if your performance improves!

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I have an iPad Pro 11” and noticed that the performance changed with OS13.1 builds. Just updated to 13.2 and IF seems to run smoother at busier airports.

Recommend updating to 13.2 and you should see a difference while utilizing Infinite Flight.


Updated to 13.2. Still lags when taxiing especially; looking right or left…

I couldn’t even do a plugged in overnight Flight on 13.1, battery would die… Upgraded to 13.2 and it was back to fine again.

I believe this is due to Infinite Flight not yet being optimized for IOS 13.1.3 or your IPad as it is new, in the next update I would imagine the developers of Infinite Flight would update the game so your iPad or whatever the problem may be is then optimised for Infinite Flight.

When IOS13 was released they supported it. It’s on Apples end. Because whenever they update IOS it either was getting better or worse for some users. Now when IF does an update it might be a hit or miss so, only time will tell

It’s actually the opposite case, Apple’s “performance improvements” appear to have reduced the frame rate when I’m using Infinite Flight. Whatever steps Apple has taken to increase battery life and so on have decreased processing performance. 13.2 seems to be improved over the 13.1 builds but it still isn’t the same. Hopefully Apple will get enough feedback and make some changes for better graphics performance because that’s a price many of us are willing to pay over having a device that can have 20+ hours of battery life.


Oh fair enough, my bad I was unaware of that.

Oh ok, I understand now.

Very laggy since 13.1, with no noticeable battery life improvement if that was their objective.

Would also like to add that it effects stock apps, other apps, and even basic functions. Very disappointed in Apple. Let your voice be heard here!

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