iPad and Bluetooth keyboard

Hi, I use a BT joystick with IF on my iPad wo/ any problems. But a fully functional BT keyboard is not seen as a ‘device’ in IF. I have scoured the fora and see similar questions regularly from back in -15 but those threads all run out in the sand and never results in a definitive answer. So I have 2 definite questions:

  1. Is a BT keyboard that works fine with my iPad supported as a ‘device’ by IF?

  2. If NO to 1) above, are there plans for such support in IF?

My equipment:

  • iPad Air with IOS v11.4.
  • BT joystick (gamepad) Nimbus by Steelseries.
  • BT keyboard cover by Logitech (no model markings).
  • IF, the current version 18.02.0

Thanks, and
Kind regards Svend W

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