iPad Air Two Shutdown

Hi guys,

For the past week or so I have been encountering an issue where my iPad (Air 2) crashes or the screen freezes up after about 30 seconds. Sometimes the app loads and I can actually begin a flight but the graphics are much worse and there is general lag. I updated to iOS11 and that did not help, and I also tried deleting and re downloading IF.

Has anybody else been having this issue? Any thoughts or suggestions?


Can you confirm Your device is not jailbroken in any way?

iOS 11 doesn’t have a jailbreak, and ya can’t root iOS

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I close all of my apps as IF runs much better when Infinite Flight is the only running app. Clear my web browser history weekly, I also reset my router on a weekly basis. Lastly, I like to close all of my apps and refresh/restart my device on a daily basis as well.

I have an iPad Air 2 and noticed when my device memory fell below 2gb of storage the app would lag or crash. Switched all of my photos over to iCloud and haven’t had an issue for a week now. Check your device storage 😉


I never jail-braked the iPad

Good idea – I’ll try that. Thanks!

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Just a side note: I’m also able to run Infinite Flight on max graphics settings when on WiFi but on cellular flying on Live can be cumbersome.

I have an iPad Air 2 and it’s running fine for me when did you buy it and try restarting

iOS 11 makes most devices slower, and the GPU is only midrange now.

@Levet actually had the solution so I’m all set. Thanks to him and everyone for the suggestions!