iPad Air Model A1474

Hello friends, I wonder if the iPad model A1474 runs the Infinite Flight. I’m buying one and I wanted to know if it was compatible, thanks in advance for the help.

Not sure if it is here, but take a look, once it becomes compatible, all of the info will be here for the future:

This should help you out!

If it’s a recent iPad, I have no doubt it will run like a charm, I have an iPad 2018 and it’s wonderfull.

Dylan beat me by a second 🤦‍♂️

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It looks like the iPad air 1st gen. I would go for the iPad (2018), but it will run. As an older device (2013), it won’t run like the new ones though.


This should be the equivalent to the iPad Air 1 for those interested.

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I have this iPad Air. It’s the first generation in the “Air” family from 2013. It’s borderline of compatible iPads for Infinite Flight (at this current time).

Infinite Flight can run fine with all settings on high but once you’re at a busy airport i.e. FNF host airport, it won’t hold up well and you’re essentially forced to reduce to lower settings. I recommend going for a newer one. I’m currently saving up for a more up-to-date iPad.

Hope this helps! :)

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Thanks friends, I got to see if it works. Thank you, this topic may already be closed.

Another one in the books. Thanks friends for helping out a fellow friend! 🙂