Ipad Air Lag


When i use Infinite Flight on my Ipad Air, it is lagging when i use A318-A321 and Crj
What can i do?

You need to lower your rendering and quality settings (Try medium and if that’s too much try low). Make sure limit frame rate is enabled and also disable anti aliasing. This device is being pushed to and passed its limits.

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It is low on both and both things if off

How much storage do you have available and and do you have any other apps running in the background?

Keep at least 1GB free and restart your device before flights as that should help keep things fresh.

I have 7,76GB back on my Ipad, and i onyl have Infinite Flight on my ipad

Is the lag constant or is it worse around busy airports?

This might sound stupid but is still an option. Could you try to clear the scenery cache? Good luck!

(Infinite Flight Setting → General → Go To and Click “Clear Scenery Cache”)

There is already a topic on this but I don’t know how to add the link. But it is about lag on the A320 and Crj family. If anyone can place a link that would be great :)

When i sit in the cockpit it lags and when am near a runway then it lags again, but not in airports

Already done it, but still lags :)

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This is usually a worse case scenario but try backing up your device to iTunes or iCloud and doing a factory reset. Some of us had success with our older devices doing this.

I did a full reset of my ipad yesterday :)

Have you tried hiding airplane names, hide airplane dots, lower your aircraft count and maybe try rendering and quality settings on medium.

Still Lags on A318-a321 and crj, but not the other planes :)

Okay so it seems that the latest aircraft releases which have a higher level of detail are our focal point here. Does the lag change with different camera views?

Hey Levet, this is a known issue for all i know. There’s whole another topic about this :)

And both Sebastian and Laura are two of the staff members who are aware of this and is trying their absolute best to try and find a solution to resolve this issue as far as i know.

And he also seems to know the possible cause to why some are experiencing lag with these certain aircraft.


It is only in the cockpit

Okay, for now keep track of this thread and let’s see what transpires as the developers are always working hard for us.


Could it just be device power now? As Infinite Flight advances in aircraft details, it should be expected that current devices with lower end processors (not saying that the iPad Air 2 has a lower end one) cannot handle the processing power of Infinite Flight.

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