iPad Air Full Shutdown

Well, I never would have thought that I would be posting a support topic, but here I am. My iPad Air has been a great device, and hasn’t really ever given me trouble. I run everything at high, and until now there were no issues. I always restart my device before every flight, and that seems to keep things running smooth. On this most recent flight, I did exactly that, before opening notes, choosing and copying a flight plan, closing out of notes, and opening Infinite Flight. Besides a lousy takeoff roll, everything went fine. I left my device, and came back about an hour later. Everything was still fine. I look up some details about the 737 on my phone (I was flying the 738 and thought my pitch was a bit sharp), and out of the corner of my eye, I see my iPad screen go black, before showing the little loading circle and returning to my lock screen. Obviously this isn’t supposed to happen, so I was wondering if this has happened before, or what might have caused such an action? I realize my iPad Air is old, but I have done numerous global flights without issue, so I’m not sure what would have changed within the last 24 hours.

Device specs:

iPad Air 1
IOS 11.3 (updating to 11.4.1 as I post this)

This is a normal thing. Normal enough not to worry about anyway, as long as it doesn’t happen often then there should be no issues. If it continues then you may need to address the issue. Was the iPad hot after it happened?

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Ok. First time for me, which was why I was surprised. If it happens once in a blue moon, I understand. Was just curious about it.

Was your iPad hot after it happened?

No it wasn’t @Chatta290

Do make sure to do the latest software update. I had a similar issue a couple weeks ago before updating to 11.4 and the update fixed it.


Yeah so I would just assume it’s a random occurrence. The update may fix it but it’s been an issue since the iPad range came out.