iPad Air 5

Hello everyone! My iPad has started to age, now I want an IPad Air 5, is it worth it?

It will run IF perfectly, that’s for sure. I use the Air 4 and have no problems. However, if you’re only using it for IF then it might be considered a tad too expensive for some. £650 just to run a mobile simulator is a high price. (£850 if you want higher storage option). I’d say it’s worth it if you plan on using it for other stuff (school, art, etc).

Additionally, the Air 6 is predicted to come out in September so some would prefer waiting.


I do also plan to use it for other purposes

I have one. Runs IF perfectly and I have 0 complaints. If you have another use for it outside IF then I’d say it’s a fine buy.

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Personally, I would wait until the iPad Air 6 comes out in Early Fall!

I have it because I needed an iPad for school and flight, I would never buy it just for infinite flight though. I have played IF on it a few times though, works as well as anything else, but you can definitely get the same performance level for cheaper, I’d only buy it if you have other use cases.

I read this right after I just spent $982 on an air 5 (to be used for several purposes including in the cockpit) because I read that the 6 is probably coming out in 2024 💀

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