IPad Air 5 for IF

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I am looking to buy the new iPad Air 5 for Infinite flight, but as there are no sections on it in the device compatibility page, I was wondering if anyone owns this iPad, and if so what kind of battery performance could I expect from it while playing IF?


It depends on your IF and device settings. To get the most battery life you can I’d recommend turning down brightness and graphics settings and use both the in-app low power mode and the on device low power mode. I previously ran IF on a 2019 iPad Air and could have several hours running IF on a full charge.

Thanks, I will definitely be using all possible methods to increase the battery life, but didn’t think about graphics settings much.

You will be fine running IF with all graphics settings on high, but reducing them will definitely improve battery life. It will also help reduce the long term impact on the battery health.

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I recently got one of these for development and it’s an absolute beast. When we run internal builds we have a whole bunch of things enabled like logging and debugging features which slow things down. On my old iPad (iPad 7th Gen), those builds would run consistently at around 12fps, whereas the Air 5 runs at 30fps easily. The only think I do have to note though is that it gets pretty hot, but there’s no noticeable drop in performance. If the heat becomes an issue though, disabling anti aliasing has done the trick for me. All low/med/high graphics settings on high.

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That I haven’t tested, you’d definitely have to lower your graphics settings though

Got mine last month, and I must say it’s THE ideal device for IF.

No lag in all high graphic and 60fps (even in cockpit view), and basically no heat when using 30fps and automatic low power.

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