iPad Air 4th gen fo IF

Hello guys I own iPad Air, for IF which settings to use to minimize heating


An amazing resource here on the IFC is the Device Compatibility Thread, which I’ve linked below:

If you don’t find your device on the list - I’d suggest conducting your own testing on your device and let us know your findings in that same thread!

All the best!

iPad Air 4 (4th Generation) - @lucaviness & @Joeoreilly77

OS: iPadOS 14.5.1
Hardware: A14 Bionic, 4GB RAM

Rendering Quality: High
3D Object Density : High
Rendering Resolution : High
Texture Quality: High
Anti-Aliasing: On
Frame Rate : 60FPS
Airplane Count: Very High

Notes: (Lucaviness) Stunning performance, screen refresh rate is slower than the iPad Pro but barely noticeable.

(Joe) The iPad Air was worth every penny upgrading it runs infinite flight very smoothly and battery lasts for a great amount of time which is a big plus as well as quicker charging times due to the lightning cable.
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Thanks manh

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Please change you lightning cable or the Power adaptor. My ipad stopped working because of hearing.

That’s what I can suggest you.


Bro type c cable plus adaptor comes with the iPad Air so I m using that

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Would use 30 FPS THOUGH😅

How old is your Type C cable and adaptor ?

It is 2 weeks old

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You must get the same checked as this is not at all the usual thing to happen.

Is your Ipad heads up only with IF ? .

I have searched and got these things for you.

texture quality - high
rendering quality - low
rendering resolution - low
limit frame rate - on

Make these changes and se if it heats up again.

Ipad air 4 is a very good device for IF indeed. If its heating then try to keep it in a cool area. My iPad Pro overheated and i realized what was the problem. The problem was if i had the ipad without charging and if i plug it in in THE MIDDLE of the flight it heats. Or if i take it out like 1-2 hours before landing IN THE MIDDLE of the flight it heats. Now i always make sure to plug the ipad in before starting the flight. If u have the real charger that u got with the ipad. I highly suggest you use that. As it can stop the charging once it hits 100%. And charge again if it goes down a little bit. This way my ipad hasnt heated since.

Thanks buddy

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I didn’t see anyone mention these tips, but once you are at cruise you can lower your screen brightness and audio, and check these settings before your flight: enable low power mode in General Settings, limit the frame rate to 30fps. In all of my tests, I’ve found screen brightness being the most significant factor for heat to build up while plugged in and charging.

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