Ipad air 3 tiny controls

Hey, I’m about to buy a new Ipad air 3 for the simulator and I wanted to know if the problem of the tiny buttons in the game for this Ipad has been solved.

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Yep it has I have the Air 3. Also welcome to the community!😀✈️


I would buy the standard IPad (6th generation) - not too pricey but has a big screen size

Not sure what your budget is though…

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Thank you ! 😁


hey @AviatorJack, I am considering to buy the Ipad air 3, but i am wondering how smooth it runs IF on highest settings at busy airports and if it would be better to buy the Ipad (6th generation).
Could you answer this question, would rlly appreciate it! (:

Well it’s a brand new IPad so it does run on the highest settings with minimum lag at busy airports. I do recommend getting it if you want it to last 3-4 years at least.

And do you know if it would be better to buy the newest Ipad Mini or the newest Air?

Whatever your preference is. It’s your choice 😀

Alright, thanks mate! Was really helpful.
Have a nice evening (;

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