iPad Air 2022 Infinite Flight


I am considering upgrading from a IPad 2018 model to the new IPad Air 2022 model.

Would this be capable of running infinite flight well?




Both devices should be able to run just fine.

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I don’t own either of those devices, but from what I’ve heard and research I’ve done myself, the IPad Air 2022 is an extremely capable device, and will run the game perfectly at 60fps with only minimal heat. The new 10th gen iPad would also be a great upgrade, it would still be able to run the game perfectly.

All new iPads run IF great

We used the iPad airs for demo devices at Oshkosh this year. They held up nicely! Any new device with the M chips should be perfectly fine


i use the Air 4 and it runs smoothly. Now, the Air 5, with the M chip, must run even better!

Yes. I’d highly recommend the Air for Infinite Flight. I use it and it works amazing!

I have the 2018 Pro Model hope that is brand new. Hope it lasts!

@Toga_selected I use an iPad Air 5 currently and it runs IF like a dream.

It will work at 500%. This Ipad have a lot of efficacity , don’t worry, be happy ;).
And also you can play IF with no problem on medium/high graphics!

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Have a good journey,
Captain Lufty,

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in case you are on a budget, you can go for ipad 2021 9th
I’m using it and it runs perfectly as always

I have an iPad Air 4 (2020) and it actually runs so good on IF using 60 FPS. I’d say iPad Air 4 is just as good

Yes, the iPad Air 2022 will run IF on 60 fps no problem.

This thread sounds like a good read

It’s as up to date as the information the community provides me with, I can’t just make stuff up.

It’s also the only device thread on the forum, so not sure where else you can look ☺️


I’m using an iPad Air 5 and it runs smoothly with all high graphic when both flying and airport editing. Flying in 30fps all high graphic doesn’t even heat up the device.
64GB would suffice if your budget is tight but more storage is definitely recommended.

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I simply wish Apple would just get rid of the 64GB version on the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad mini and make the options simply 128GB and 256GB. 64GB is simply not enough in 2022.

I use this iPad for Infinite flight. It is absolutely perfect ! You can run the simulator with every graphics settings on max and 60fps without any issue

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