iPad Air 2013 app crash

My iPad is on lower settings then recommended for my device and yet, after less that 30 minutes of flight time while on online mode with aircrafts set to none, the game freezes, then crashes. I restart the device before every flight, this happens 100% of the time. This will happen with any aircraft more with the new 777 and a350. But if I’m on a solo flight the game does not crash, therefore I cannot lvl up or use atc etc… any advice?

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Hello and welcome to the community @Seflipper! What generation is your device? Seven years would definitely do it for an iPad.

iPad Air 2013 would’ve been the First Generation iPad Air.

As it is an old device, I would start looking for a new one. But, in the meantime, I’d suggest making sure that no apps are running in the background. It’s great you’ve already tried adjusting the graphic settings and airplane count, but generally speaking, it’s a 7 year old device. It’s getting outdated.

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Adding on to what @Thunderbolt said, really doing anything at all to lower the strain on your device would help (i.e. closing all background apps, turning your brightness down, low power mode, automatic low power mode within IF, less taxing camera views, no third-party apps, etc).

Thanks for the advice, I’m running live flight connect on my Mac so I can connect my joystick, it is on for the whole flight usually so I’m pretty sure that’s what’s causing the crashes.

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I can confirm after testing that if you disconnect Live Flight Connect, your game will not crash on short flights (at least so far because I’ve only tested an hour long flight). But if you have it turned on the whole flight it’s a lot more likely that the game will crash, so disconnect it while on autopilot. But the a350 and 777 200 ER crash before pushback, I think that there should be an optional version of these aircraft that don’t have an interior or cargo areas/ doors because for some people like me I can’t get everything that I pay for in the game and I really want to use the high quality aircraft. I also just did a flight from Frankfurt to Rome and it crashed less than 20 mins into the flight with LFC disconnected.

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I just tried to taxi to runway 25r at KLAX like 4 times and the nose gear drops through the ground and I crash?! Why is that? It was with the a350. The game doesn’t crash but the plane does.

Try going into your settings and clearing your scenery cache :)

This is not the solution to everything. Sometimes it can cause more resources to be used.

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Update: I was able to complete al least 3 successful flights on casual, but today I have tried two times to takeoff from EGLL when it isn’t that busy on training servers, each time everything goes great until tower tells me I’m clear to takeoff, at that point the game crashes. Idk if it’s my device or the game. And also I have tried twice today to fly and it crashes 19 minutes from landing, I don’t know what it causing the crashes.

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