iPad Air 2

Hey everyone, Just got an iPad air 2 for christmas! super excited, Would anyone like to do a flight with me, once i get it set up?


I’d love to when I go free wi-fi :) I’m on holiday

ok sounds good my friend! :)

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I’m going to Jbay and I hope they have some free wi-fi. I probably gonna end up using my dad’s data…

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Sure! I’d love to do a flight with you! PM me if you wanna fly with me :) Happy Holidays!

Omg I also got an iPad Air 2 (Gold). I’m so happy because my old iPad 3 had to work on lower settings and now I can put the settings to the max and it runs like a dream!


I’m happy now:) fellow gold guy

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i got a space gray one, and i used to have an iPad 3 too!!! I’m extremely happy!


If your still up for it yes

I am, just got it set up today, if anyone wants to join me they can!

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Ok, I might be interested in joining. I will tell you if I join :) I also have an iPad Air 2, Silver - but mainly use my iPad Pro with my new joystick and throttle!

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Ok, I don’t have a set date or time or whatever…

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Same here i got an Ipad air 2,but i am going to buy IF and live+

I got one for Christmas 2 years ago (white front, grey back) Wanna buy live+ but can’t … Yet ;)

Hi bensonb, I was wondering how you’re finding the joystick and throttle compared to just using the iPad? I am considering doing the same, would you mind if I asked what joystick and throttle you went with, cheers mate.

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Hi Stonedog! Getting started using a joystick is frustrating and satisfying for the first few days. It can be frustrating adjusting your sensitivity and trying to get the feel of flying, but can be satisfying pressing all the buttons and seeing your flaps, spoilers etc. move without touching the device at all. I use the Thrustmaster T Flight Hotas X, which is a great affordable joystick that comes with an external throttle control. I would highly recommend getting it, and if you do, make sure to PM @Jan for tips. Hope this helped :)


Yeah it did cheers thanks mate.

Cool! I have live+ as well!

I don’t have live+ yet

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