iPad Air 2

My iPad two is constantly suffering from crashes and other errors, I’ve checked my OS and it is up to date, this happens on all graphic settings. Is there anything I can do or should I move over to flying on my phone? (My phone is an iPhone XR)

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I assume you restarted your device?

Yea I make sure to do it before every flight :(

From which year is it?

Lemme check

I got it in 2016 and it was made in 2016 I think.


The iPad Air 2 is a pretty old device and the model is nearly 6 years old. This means you can’t expect top performance from this device anymore unfortunately.

I suggest going over the ‘General iOS Tips’ section of this thread to get the most out of your iPad. In addition, make sure to reduce your settings to the minimum. That being said, if you wanted better performance I also advise on using your iPhone XR for flying.


Ah, thanks for the topic and advice :)

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Sadly the most recent update containing the A350 had a huge effect on performance with this device, coupled with the iOS 13. I used to use max settings but now struggle to use it at all. The only thing I can recommend is to lower the airplane count to try and reduce a bit of lag.

Good luck!

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I have a iPad Air 2. Mine is still going strong with everything maxed. I can’t remember the last time it crashed. What I usually do before each flight is
1: A restart.
2: clear cache.
3: once I take off and reach cruise, I turn down screen , set graphics to low.
Turn everything back up once I start my approach. These have been working for me so far. I have flown long haul and into very heavy traffic ( FNF) without any crash. Am planning to upgrade to a pro, but for the time being…my humble Air 2 still got my back.

Damn you lucky bro I try that before every flight and about 50% have crashed

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Make sure no other app (Facebook etc) is not running on the back ground.

Advice and guidance provided.