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So the other day I made a topic about the new ipod touch and if it is good for IF and I got a mixture of yes’s and no’s and during all of this time I had an iPad air 2. The thing is, I jailbroke it and most of the things stopped working. I then heard that iTunes was closing, so I had to make a choice and fix it. I did an extreme reset, to the point that everything was deleted and reinstalled onto my iPad and gladly, it runs IOS 12 with no problems or issues. So first thing I did was go to the last iCloud account I remember and got IF since I purchased it in 2012 lol. Now I have been playing IF with it for the past couple of days, and I want to ask if charging and flying is a bad or good idea. I just did it the other day from Doha to JFK and I dont see anything wrong but is it fine to do it? Do you think there will ever be damage if I leave the flight on, and leave the flight on while charging, especially for long anoints of time, etc 15 hours?
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A lot of people charge and fly at the same time. Just be sure to enable low power mode and dim the screen brightness so that it charges as efficiently as possible.

I checked and I don’t think the IPad Air 2 has a low power mode but I make sure to use the low power mode IF has in their settings and yes I always make sure to lower the brightness :)

Thanks @Niccckk I don’t know why I put it under support lol


Yes and no. There will always be issues which may arise due to leaving your Ipad on for long periods of time. However you can counter them.

One thing you want to do is make sure the low power mode for infinite flight is switched on. To do this head to the infinite flight settings in game -> general -> scroll down until you find enable low power mode and enable it.
This will definitely help keeping the battery in a healthy state.

Another thing you want to make sure you do is dim the brightness all the way down to help prevent overheating aswell as screen burn in.

Some people will also suggest to lower the graphics settings all the way down during long haul flights as you simply won’t be looking at your screen all the time.

If you try these steps then you shouldn’t come into any issues.

Yeah I do all of those steps, such as the day I did the Doha-JFK flight, I did all of those steps, and when I woke up the next morning, I found my iPad still charging obviously, and when I felt the back and front of it, it was actually cool, nothing warm, which I found very surprising.

I only made this topic because I wanted to see if there would be any damage to my iPad even if I did all of these precautions, but i’m assuming it won’t get damaged at all.

There have been cases where over some time the batteries have deteriorated. However following these steps will help prevent this from happening.

I mean I have a thin case, almost like this one

But it isn’t this one. It’s another one from this brand but they don’t sell it anymore.
Basically the case I have right now is pretty thin.

I’ve Been using the iPad Air almost 3 years, never had any issues with it. One thing I notice is that my battery life is slowly going down. I need my iPad for my daily life and for school and it used to to stay alive till the end of the day. Lately, I need to have my charger with me to survive a day with a charged iPad.

And about that jailbreak. I could only install the software update without the jailbreak. I used iTunes to remove this and I don’t think there’s another option.

I’m using iPad pro and never removed from the charger and what i know Apple devices stop charging when the battery is full .
My advice to you keep your iPad in Cold place and lower the sound and keep the screen in low bright .

I installed a program on the jailbreak that made it unable to function with the jailbreak again.

Having had the iPad Air 2 for close to 5 years now and for 2 years flying non stop pretty much with it charging I would say it’s perfectly fine. Battery degradation will happen but it’s an old device so It’s naturally going to occur anyway

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