Ipad air 2

It’s it just for me or is the ipad air 2 not being about to run if smoothly without turning down all the graphical settings? Please let me know. I feel like I may have to get a new iPad when i just got this ipad a little while ago, shake my head.

I run the iPad Air 2 on max settings with no issues. Check your internet connection ;)


Another thing is, maybe turn of Anti Analyzing and limit frame rate. That helps me. And gives me that silky smooth gameplay.

Just give the servers sometime to smooth out and stabilize. Thank you for you patience and consideration. Kind Regards, Chris

See Below

NOTAM - 12:45am EST (Update #4) - App Loading Issue

We’ve got more instances ready and the CDN is getting primed with all the flying that’s been happening. We’re getting reports that loading times have significantly decreased, especially in very active airports (LAX, NY, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Tokyo…)

We’re going to spin more instances overnight and work all day tomorrow again to improve performance.

Again, thanks again for your patience and continued support while we work this out, it’s been a long day :)

Laura, Philippe and the team!

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Hi!read this topic maybe can you find something for you

Marcello, his device should do fine once everything stablilizes and smooths out with the servers as long as the user has a good WiFi service.

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To back up Chris, i’m also running IF maxed out with no FPS issues at all… :) iPad Air 2

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I’m approx. 10ft from my router so it’s not my connection. Prior to the update my device was running the sim smoothly and now i can barely get it to load the main live screen. When i am at the airport even with 45-60fps it’s still looking choppy and it says managed 59mb for my ram. I guess it’s just the game for now.

Oh that may be your issue. Make sure you have at least 1GB of RAM readily available.

  1. Turn down settings
  2. Make sure connectionis stable
  3. Make sure you have enough free space
  4. Turn the mini map off. It will help drastically