iPad air 2 VS iPad Pro

Hi, all I just need your advice between iPad air 2 and iPad Pro.

I’m really confused between them,So vote below

thanks in advance

NB: I am talking about 128GB 9.7

iPad Air 2

  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Pro 9.7"

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AIr 2 is what I have. Full setting with no lag, a great device for a great price.


so iPad Air 2 better than iPad pro ? i’m thinking for future, maybe air 2 it comes with lag in near future


Might lag in the future if global comes out


iPad pro is the newer version and has better specs but it will be several years before the iPad air 2 starts to become slow. If you have the money then get the pro. But both are fantastic tablets


Yes, that makes me scared

What I think is more smoother , no lag , no delay on working

@Carson which size do you have of iPad pro ?

Of course it won’t! It’s running absolutely perfectly now, so if Global comes out at worst it will only be eg. 2 seconds slower at loading or something.

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I think there are many voices in favor of iPad Pro

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That’s if you want to spend more money, and if you need it for something like a photography job that would need a lot of space and speed for you to work efficiently. Otherwise the iPad Air 2 is pretty much the same thing, with a little less ‘proffesional’ factor. Perfect for games, making documents, doing calculations and doing advanced tasks. It is perfect for using Infinite Flight. You wouldn’t need the iPad Pro unless you are going to have like 20 things open, you are going to use advanced apps and you are going to fill it right up to the brim.


I understand your opinion, But the global is going to be the only obstacle ,. BTW Thanks a lot Captain

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It’ll be fine, trust me. The iPad Air 2 is designed to handle a lot more than Inifnite Flight and Global.

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I have the air 2 and it’s nearly two years old now so within the next two years it will be remarkably slow most likely and uncapable of handling the apps we have in those coming years and the new software, I would pay the extra and get a pro as it will be more future proofed, however if you can wait until the end of October because they may update them slightly but it’s not confirmed

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i’m agree with you on this part

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This is not Infinite Flight related…

I have the bigger one.

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iPad Pro is better, but IPad Air 2 works just as well, but is smaller, and less expensively


i have the ipad pro, big one. Best investment i done! runs sooooooo smooth, graphics are awesome. I know its a little big but i only use it for IF so love it as it is!

Dont know Air 2, probably is awesome too, but pro is definitely the best

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