iPad Air 2 Problem Very bad graphics


After Last Update i have Problem with my graphics very Bad i dont know is normal something like it
But Aircraft and scenary are very bab i tried to changed the 3 Option graphics and Nothing help i leave you so me picture and i Waiting for help

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Have you tried a few troubleshooting tips?

  • Restart game
  • Delete and reinstall game
  • Reset scenery cache (not sure if it’s related tho)
  • Restart iPad

Do these things and see what it does!

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I use the same iPad as you. I don’t have any problems with graphics.

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Would you mind sending us the screenshot of the problem? That would help us.

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@Hamlet_Cabrera_Pagan send a screenshot of your problem with bad graphics

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The solution is to go to settings, turn graphics and then turn rendering quality in ludicrous!
I hope it helps you…
I have Ipad 2018 and when I change rendering solution It usually appears to me as it appears to you.
And also Welcome to this forum!

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I did everything and nothing changed.

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Hey There,

Can you send us a screenshot of your graphic settings?

Your Graphic settings should match the one I linked above.


It happens same to me, just change the rendering solution, if this is not your problem, ask some help from experts, please!
Fast Rendering Solution:

Ludicrous Rendering Solution:

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Hello there,

I use the exact same device and have no such issues so rest assured you will be able to also.

Can you please make sure that Anti Aliasing is on?

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Have you tried choosing clear cache scenery on the settings on Infinite Flight? It worked with my iPad mini :-)


Yup, same with me. He should try that!

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