iPad Air 2 lagging.

be sure to close all background applications

I have been doing that

It should definitely not lag on an iPad Air 2. We do have some stutter happening when flying low on the ground due to some GPU/CPU sync issue but it shouldn’t be too noticeable (we will fix that down the road).

Does this happen as soon as you launch the app or only after a flight away from your point of origin? If it is the case, this is not a performance issue but more a “precision” issue that we haven’t had the opportunity to fix yet. Such issue is due to the fact that when you fly far from the origin, computations become less precise and can affect physics and camera movement resulting into “jitters”. This is a well known issue for any game with such large world (and why you don’t see it in other simpler iOS games).


Is there a roadmap to fixing the precision issue yet? Or is that still on the list and waiting for resources.

I defiantly notice it more when near a runway,especially when landing in the HUD view

But what I don’t get, is way it’s lagging slightly on my iPad, I’ve re downloaded and all

It happens as well when your gaining altitude

@LtMerlin you didn’t answered the question:

Does this happen as soon as you launch the app or only after a flight away from your point of origin?

This would help understand. Also can you give us a clear list of steps to reproduce the lag you are experiencing consistently? (even if it happens with all region/all plane, pick one combination of setting that will repro the issue).

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It occurs in all regions and planes as soon as you start the sim up

One example is 737-800 LAX 35km visibility high aircraft settings, high screen resolution no Anti aliasing high water effects and low terrain quality

Is it still a problem?

Indeed, I’ve gotten sort of used to it but it is still present, it’s the gittering movement or like freezing for like a millisecond of the planes movement

What’s it like on solo mode

You aren’t using iOS 10?

It’s the same in live and solo

Using the 9.3.2 or latest iOS, not 10

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Have you reinstalled the app?

Plenty of times

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I’m not sure then I suggest contacting Apple again, does it happen on any other apps any lag?

You shouldn’t have to restore it or hard reset it. If all else fails though I would recommend you do that