iPad Air 2 lagging.

I have a new iPad Air 2, first few days IF was running perfectly, now it’s lagging, I’m wondering if it’s a scenery rendering issue, anyone else having problems?, even on low settings it’s lags slightly


Is this just on live or solo too? It could be a connection issue.

Make sure you Hard reset it once in a while ;) (Long Press home and Power button)

I have rebooted my iPad plenty of times and this is in solo as well as live

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I have an IPad Air but mine is completely smooth with all graphics the highest


I have an iPad Air with graphics on highest settings and I barely get lag, make sure background apps are closed

Me3 filler

IF is the only ‘game’ on my device, you need heaps of extra space. IF is a monster ;-D

iPad Air 2 here too. It operates great with rarely any lag. Everything maxed out. Check for the new update 9.2 I believe. I had to update mine when I bought it.

I have already been with apple support and they said it is not a device issue but an app issue, I’m usin 9.2 and I have tonnes of space left on it

It’s really weird cus the first week I had IF I worked perfectly

Did you try to delete and re-install the app?

“Lags” are very subjective and you might have not noticed it before. The iPad2 is an old device and our most recent features might push it to the limits.

I am wondering how would re-installing help? Will it delete any of my in-app purchases or live subscriptions?

I have re downloaded it and I have downloaded iOS 9.2.1 and still, even on the lowest settings it lags slightly, even in HUD particularly - it’s so weird, one day it’s perfect and then when I fly home from my vacation and its lagging when my tablet is brand new and has 40 GB free

I’ve already been with apple support and they said it is not a CPU problem, either software or the app

Very odd. It’s such a big app though.

Yeah , it’s really bugging me haha

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Also, it’s like the location of the plane in the sky shifts forward and then like refreshes instantly after or something

I want to confirm also it’s an IPad Air 2 no other games lag