iPad Air 2 lag

Just out of curiosity how severe is the lag? Like the occasional frame drop is probably to be expected unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong, the air two is still a great device, and should continue to be fine for a bit, but with the A8 in there it is starting to show its age especially with something as intense as infinite flight. My mini 4 is about the same inside, and it is starting to have some dropped frames. I find that running on limit frame rate is enough for it to be playable, especially in solo, but anti aliasing going off helps alot. So two questions, what sort of lag is it? Severe? Or just occasional stutters? Also what sort of graphics changed have you made? Especially if your on love with alot of airplanes I recommend setting the airplane count to low, it may not be as obvious as some of the graphics settings since it’s in live under settings, but if you are getting lag on live that should help alot.

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I’ve tried turning the graphics down and going up by one each time and the lag stays severe


Strange, I’m on a five year old air 2 and it runs IF perfectly well
Have you ever rooted your device? I’ve heard that makes it a lot worse

I don’t know what that means, but probs. Is there anyway to fix it?

You haven’t rooted your device don’t worry, that’s a flashing tool dedicated to android devices.

In regards to a fix, it might be sorted in the next small iOS update, or the team at infinite flight may be working on something as we speak.

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To fix the lag?

If you’ve recently updated your device to iPadOS 13, this discussion might help you.

Jomo! my ipad is still lagging on IF. so does that mean i should just wait?

If you’ve updated your iPad to the latest OS, then it may be an update we’re all waiting on.

Might be iPadOS 13.2 that fixes the problem, or maybe Infinite Flight has a fix for it.

Just a matter of waiting it out, if your on the latest OS

iPads run off iPadOS, not iOS.

Sadly you’re wrong. Apple specifically separated the operating systems that run on both iPhone & iPad in to two, because the devices are supposed to serve two different purposes. No longer is a iPad just a blown up iPhone.

…But I digress

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They are separate now as @Jomo_Kenyatta said, but for anyone experiencing issues on an iPhone, you are not alone as noted in the #support thread linked in this thread.

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So what your saying is if I’m lagging on iPad, just wait for an update?

Do you know what devices that can get iOS 13 now?

I have Ipad 2017 (Ipad WiFi) 5th Generation and when I see on the updates available it says I have the newest update and that update is 12 and something more.

What iPad system version are you running? If you’re on the latest, then a lot of us who are running the latest are, more or less, waiting for an update.

i have the ipad air 2 with 13.1.2 runninig

Yup. We’re all gonna wait it out together 🤝

Do we have an estimated time?

Replied to your DM

TLDR: Don’t know.