iPad Air 2 keeps crashing

Any ideas on how to keep my iPad from crashing? Here are the symptoms:
On Every flight I’ve tried today, my iPad has crashed at almost the exact same time: about 1:10 (one hour and 10 minutes) in to the flight. I have no idea why. I hard reset it, deleted and redownloaded, and reset scenery cache, but every time I try to do a flight, it still crashes 1:10 into the flight.
Thanks for the help.

Could we have your iPad model/specs?
Have you tried
-lower graphic settings
-ensure all background apps are closed
-restart device every now and then and before each flight
-ensure your RAM is cleared up(2 GB are recommended)

I’ll try that, but testing might take a while, as I have to fly for 1:10

Roger. What IPad is it? Generation, model

What is the exact IPad please and software

iPad Air 2 A’s mentioned in the title, iOS 11.3- just updated to 11.3.1- going to see if that helps

Im so sorry for missing that but i bought some good news there is a great thread for you to check out and see if these settings from your fellow members help

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I’ve seen that page- and I’ve been on these same settings. The crashing only starting happening today.

I have an iPad Air 2 and I just finish flying for 18 hours and 21 hours with no crashes . Did you clear your cache before every flight?

As you may know this IPad was released way back in 2014 and unfortunately this device is pretty old although it is very old and it is normal to see the occasional crash and normal for it to be very slow In responce as well as notice the lag .I don’t believe however it should be crashing every single flight as you mentioned above. Other members have had this device and reported no problems with doing long flights. If problems persist after doing what others have suggested above I recommend you try to re-install Infinite flight hopefully that will help but only use this as your last resort if all else fails :)

I already reinstalled, but I think it may be due to the software- just updated it and am testing a flight right now

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@Justin0623 I don’t think hardware is to blame here, my friend uses one of these no problems, and my IPad mini 4 has a slightly lower chip set and runs full graphics buttery smooth, I think it is something else…

@Northwest may I ask how old it is, sometimes over time things can wear down, and slightly lower performance. If it started recently I would also recommend checking battery stuff…

It’s probably about 2 years old

Ok, the software update seems to have worked. Thanks for the help!

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