iPad Air 2 continually freezing

Hello! While playing IF, my screen has begun to freeze. This is incredibly challenging as it has occurred during landing but also formation flights. Device is an IPad Air 2.
I have medium graphics with anti Aisling on

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I have an identical issue (on the Air2), join the party. The best I’ve been able to do is reduce the time of the lag by bumping down my settings, and restarting my iPad before a flight.

A lot of Air 2 users report lag issues that seem very specific for the device, maybe it should be checked out…


Alright, thanks. Appreciate it

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I would turn of anti aliasing off because causes more lag, and if you are doing long hauls, keep your setting s low so it has less lag.

Yeah this has been said before. I use my air 2 for all thing IF so yes it’s the freezing that I have to deal with. It doesn’t bother me much anymore as I’ve gotten used to it but try lowering settings or,just keep everything on full like me if you find it doesn’t do anything. After every flight clear infinite flight though and close all other apps unless you use IF Passengers/Assistant.