Ipad air 1

So I have repair my Ipad air 1 and the sim crashed when I fly the 772 just 5 min after spawn so can some one tell me if it well crash if I I have fly 350 or and plane but not the 772.


Hey! Set your graphics as listed below, this might help

Rendering Quality : Medium
Rendering Resolution : Low
Texture quality : High
Anti-Aliasing : Off
Limit framerate : On
Airplane Count : low


:( The low in the Ipad It’s horrible

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If you have any issues let me know 🙂

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Of course
IFGA-45 :)

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Even though you may have repaired your iPad, the original iPad Air is quite old, both in terms of design and hardware. Infinite Flight is pretty demanding in its current state, and given your device’s age, issues are to be expected. I’d just recommend turning everything on low, and your screen brightness down low to help your device out as much as you can.


Ok Thanks!

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