Ipad 9th Gen crashing after landing on infinite flight

Device: Ipad 9th Gen 10.2
Operating system: 15.4.1

Happened around 7:38AM BST when I landed then i was taxiing to the gate at heathrow then the ipad closed, this happens quite alot.

My Ipad is pretty new and It can run max graphics everything but I turned off anti aliasing set it to 30fps because I felt like they could help to reduce crashing, but It doesn’t really.

Shall I send diagnostic info?


you can follow this instruction below if you are having this issue

If that doesn’t work, try contact support@infiniteflight.com through email and they will help you to get your problem solved.

If you’re still experiencing app crashes after trying the steps VibrantPixel suggested above, have confirmed that you have over 1GB of storage free and you’ve decided you want to email Infinite Flight support, then it would be useful to staff to get their hands onto Infinite Flight’s log files.

To obtain those, follow the steps below after the next time an app crash occurs:

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Will do thanks

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