iPad 8th Generation

I wanna now how the New iPad (8th) Generation performs nowadays. If anyone has It or something similar please reply. I already checked the Device Compability Thread. I want to know personal experiences

It performs well without lag but it will get quite hot when running on high graphics and anti-alising

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I have the iPad 8 and it works like a charm, fully High Graphics and Anti Aliasing with Very High Aircraft, works great, you’ll mostly get 60fps, but if it’s really busy, you should still get around the 30-40 mark :)

Hmm I run it on the same settings but never had the issue at all to be honest, in my case it’s always cool.

Definitely Recommend!


I had the 7th gen before I got my iPad Pro 2020. It did run good, but could get hot when it was very busy. The 8th gen has a A-12 bionic instead of an A-10 so I will assume it runs great.

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You can see this device and many other similar ones on the device compatibility thread 😃

It’s safe to assume that any new iPad will run the simulator fine.

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Hi, I am currently using it and in my opinion it works really well.

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