iPad 8th gen. performance question

Hi! To anyone who uses Infinite Flight on an iPad 8th generation (2020), how smoothly does it run with the 21.1 open beta? Can you play with all graphics on high and anti-alising on? I’m asking because I’m thinking of buying it.


Word of advice.

Do not judge devices based on the Beta. It is not set in stone and will be changed.


It runs smoothly! For future reference, check out what I have linked below! And as @Alec said,


Yup I already checked out, but I just wanted to hear more than one opinion. And yeah, I won’t judge devices based on the beta, I’m just looking for a new iPad and comparing them. It’s either this one or the iPad air.

I’m more than happy to provide my honest feedback (it’s not the best of news I’m afraid) :

I have the 2017 iPad Pro 12.9”, and beta runs quite laggy when all my settings are on high. The device also has a difficult time recharging even while on low power mode (you gotta lower ALL resolution settings to medium or low for it to actually charge up).

So, as Jason points out below:

Your device may function okay for now, but as IF gets ever more complicated (potentially even by the end of this year), you’re gonna need a new device!

That being said, the 2020 iPads will be amazing for this, and if you are seriously looking into it, I would 100% recommend it!


in my experience yes, i fly and control on a gen 8 and i have yet to encounter any crashes or lag, etc.

aircraft count - medium
rendering quality - high
3d objects - high
rendering resolution - high
texture quality - high
anti-aliasing - on
frame rate limit - 30fps

(i’m currently in the open beta program, and as it stands everything is working just fine)


Hey there!

I currently am using an Apple iPad 8th Gen that I bought in March of 2021. I run all of my settings on high in the 60 FPS mode and it works beautifully with minimal lags and stutters. This is moving up from my iPad Air 2 in which I could not run at high graphics. All in all this is a great option for you to use! I do suggest, however, buying a higher storage option than the minimum. ;)


Thanks for the feedback!


I have an iPad 8th gen it runs all high aswell but I do not recommend you to put 60fps as it will make the device hot

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V true
I have an ipad 7th gen
Same is the case with me

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