iPad 7th Generation Size Of Controls

For the past few years I’ve been playing Infinite Flight, I have been using my mobile phone. Today, I just got a new iPad in the mail, and I downloaded Infinite Flight on it. The controls are very small as in the picture below, is there a way to change it and make them bigger?

I don’t think there’s a way to make the buttons bigger. However, after making some flights you‘ll get used to the size and will have no problems, that’s my personal experience. Hope this helps!

A lot of iPads have the controls in different spots… Is that for a different reason?

I can’t speak for the iPad mini but for the 7th generation and the pro models I can tell you that the buttons are at the same position. It’s just the size of the screen which makes you think the buttons are smaller or bigger.

Try go to settings and see if it’s there

I see a lot of photos like this

How do I make it look like this

That’s the old layout which isn’t available anymore since it got update. Do you know when this picture was made? Also you can’t see the current features like VNAV which speaks for an older version.

Ah, that answers my question. So this is what it’s like now?

This picture is before the 19.4 update.

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Well, then it’s self explaining. Unfortunately you‘ll not be able to use the old layout.

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You could make a #features request to make the controls bigger on the IPad

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Problem solved and OP requested closure.