iPad 7th gen heating up and not charging

Hi I have been playing infinite flight for a good few years now and since the 20.1 update my iPad 7th gen had been overheating and not charging while on the app. I have asked a lot of people do they have the same issue and no one seems to have it. I have tried Turing brightness and graphics down and I have put on the low power saving in the settings of infinite flight. Sorry if this is already a topic but I went searching and couldn’t find anything I thought it would have fixed it’s self but it did.

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Same was happening to me I was using an unofficial apple cable so I swapped it for a Apple one and had zero problems since

I agree with Mark Judge here, I’ve experienced similar issues with aftermarket cables and wall adapters. I just stick solely with Apples cords and adapters to prevent issues with charging.

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I use an official cable

A little bit of heat is expected. For me, I have the iPad Pro 2017, and although the device itself doesn’t heat as much, the dock does A LOT!

I recommend you not keep it charging the whole time. Maybe let the device use some battery and then place it on charging. The only time I keep the device charging is in the cruise phrase. I let the device use the battery during taxing and departures/arrivals.

I have the 6th generation and it does fine

Is it a new one ? I had a 3 year old charging cable my iPad was taking ages to charge. I bought a cheap one to use and it charged up but slowly when doing long haul over night flights the iPad never charged up to 100% and the iPad was very very hot after 20.1 I bought a new official apple charger and plug and since that time had no problem still a little bit of heat but nothing major

I got it the Christmas just gone by

Haha I am experiencing the exact same thing while the Ipad 10.2 is such a great device when not using IF in term of battery autonomy, display etc…
Okay so I am experiencing the same thing as you regarding the iPad getting warm when using infinite flight and regarding the charging issie what I would recommend (that’s what I do) is to get the fastest charger from apple (or a better one) and always set the Ipad brightness to low it will be charge. I am having the same issue but it does charge it’s just that it will take 2-3 mins to have +1% whike using Infinite flight.

Last but not least put the Ipad near a fan or if you have an iPad case put that one near the AC until it gets cold and put it on the Ipad just before playing.

Also set airplane count to High not very high.


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