iPad 6th Generation, screen recorder not recording commands during flight


I have been experiencing on multiple occasions while recording a flight, that commands during the flight are not recorded. I use Infinite Flight Assist, Minimums, 50…40…20…10, as well co-pilot commands, etc. Is this a Software issue with the Infinite Flight restricting commands from being recorded, or possibly the screen recorder from Apples Design? There must be a method that commands can be recorded. Assistance with this would help. Thanks

Do you mean atc commands?

That’s a different application so it’s not going to work with it. Same if you had music playing in the background it won’t record.

Negative. I have voice commands during a flight, I can command the co-pilot to set HDG to 1-3-5, and the co-pilot acknowledges. As well, I command the Co-pilot to set Flaps 10 degrees, the co- pilot will respond, “Setting Flaps 10 degrees”. While I record this, stop the video, and play it, everything is recorded except for those commands. No audio is recorded from me or from the Co-pilot.

Again, this is not from IF. If you were recording your home screen and listening to music that wouldn’t be picked up. That’s how the screen recorder works

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This is not because of IF. I’m not sure what you can do, if there is maybe a setting, I don’t know. I screen record and it has no sound but for my type of youtube videos I don’t really care. Happy landings :)

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