Ipad 6th Gen

Heya! I need your advises on buying an IPad.

I’m currently focused on Ipad 6th generation 9.7".
Since I live in Turkey (prices are too high) and I’m a student I don’t have that much of a budget. I’ll buy a clean used one.

I won’t be using it for anything else than IF.

My question is I heard some rumors that this device started lagging and crashing when the 3D update came out.

I don’t mind the maximum settings, tho I want to play 60 fps (taxi,takeoff,landing). Heat is not an issue for me.

Is there someone using this device? Can you tell me your experiences about it. Maybe recommend a similar budget tablet that can fit me.

Waiting for your responses :)

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Basically your getting an iPad 6 right?

Planning on ima say

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You won’t be able to get 60 fps with this. Don’t expect great performance either. It’s about 5 years old at this point so I’d say medium settings max.

If you want honest advice, I’d suggest the iPad 9th Gen (12000 lira for the base model) as more of an investment. The 9th gen will be fine for 4-5 years, the 6th gen will require a replacement in 1-2 years.

If that price tag is too high for you, I’d recommend looking into the Apple certified refurbished shop for good deals on some newer iPads.


Your best bet is to get an iPad 9th generation. As cheaper as older models are, they aren’t the most efficient. Especially if your using infinite flight.

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Well 12000 liras is too high for me, especially for a tablet that I will be using only for IF. You said don’t expect great performance, was that for lowest or high settings?
And if you know one, can you tell me a shop/store that does that(except sahibinden,dolap etc.)

True but if you want a quality experience, and you want to have an iPad that last longer. Then the 9th generation is better.

I have the iPad 9th Gen and it’s amazing! I have max settings but I did put 3D object density down to medium as I did see it was a bit laggy at high. I don’t have anti-aliasing on and I have my fps at 30.

Honestly, an iPad 8th gen is probably your best bet. With an A12 chip you are pretty much set with max graphics. It isnt too expensive as it is only a year old, and it is very affordable on websites such as backmarket.com.

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