iPad 6th gen. laggy with 20.1

Hello guys/girls!

Since I downloaded the 20.1 version of IF, I flew a lot the reworked 772 and 737. When I’m flying these 2 aircraft tha game is laggy. It’s not terrible but it’s just not that smooth like in other aircrafts (when moving the camera’s). I installed the Hotfix updates but nothing changed.

Anyone any idea what the problem could be?

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Have you tried turning down your graphic settings and your aircraft count?

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Welcome! While I don’t know the solution to this issue, it is probably due to the fact that these reworked aircraft have newer features which make them more taxing on your device.

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I use the same device. Aircraft count to medium, anti-aliasing on, limit frame rate ✅, all other settings high. Runs as smooth as it can get.

I think you should also keep 1GB memory free on your device(I’m not sure about this) and restart the device before every flight, use only relevant apps while using Infinite Flight(Around 2 apps should do fine)

Safe flying


Thanks guys!

I dont’t want to reduce the graphics because that makes IF so realistic. I removed a lot of apps I don’t use anymore and it seems to work better now!

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Good to hear!

I have the same problem. My device gets very hot when I fly…

What device do you have?

It’s common if you have limit fps off. Turn it on and see if you it gets cooler.

From my experience my device is hot in general when i am in the game bu has gotton better.

I have the iPad 6th Generation.

These are my settings…
When im on cruise Altitude I make them to medium.

I would turn on Anti-Aliasing and in the “Live Section” put the Aircraft Count on Low/Medium. Also perhaps put graphics settings on Medium when at busy airports just in case.

Okay thanks:)

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