iPad 6th gen lag issues on high

Device:ipad 6th gen
Operating system:ios 15.5

Hi ifc,ever since the the last update in 2021, my 4 year old iPad 6th generation has been struggling to run infinite flight with the rendering resolution setting on high, does anyone know about anything I can do or is it just due to my device ageing and is there nothing I can do ?

You can try reducing some of the settings. Disabling anti-aliasing and bringing the FPS limit to 30 can reduce lag. Also, reducing 3D object density and Airplane count can minimise the impact of loading other users aircraft and some 3D buildings.

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I will try the 3d object density and also I have my plane count at low and anti-aliasing off, thanks for the help


No problem. Part of the issue is likely down to device ageing, but you should still be able to get good quality gameplay at mostly high settings.

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