Ipad 6th Gen Crashing

Hi, I play IF on an Ipad Sixth Gen recently updated to IOS 16.2. I’ve had the thing for around 2 years, and it has been running IF on normal settings just fine. However, it recently started crashing at random points in flight (sometimes on final, sometimes when flight planning). I restarted the Ipad, reinstalled Infinite Flight, lowered my settings, everything. Nothing seems to work. Others seem to have same the same issues, but I find it odd that for some reason it just now starts crashing. Any ideas on how to fix this issue? Cheers.

What do you mean by normal settings? The 6th Gen is 4 years old now, so won’t be able to handle the highest settings.

I think he means low graphic settings.

Yes, low graphics settings. However, the device used to be able to run on the default settings.

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